The Way

Busy with the intellectual,
Out of touch with the affectual.
Unsure of the wants
Desires, they gradually taunt.

A magnet in precession
Spins, tilted in orientation.
Where’s then, the True North?
Guidance please come forth.

Motionless and stillness…
In need of resonance
Messy and unpredictable
Will there be constants?

What happens after, when we wander?
All there is, is wonder
Half-knowing; half-unknowing
It just keeps on flowing.

Laozi’s notions of wuwei and ziran

Daoist thinker Laozi.

In early Daoist philosophy, dao is a fundamental concept. From the ancient text of the Daodejing, consisting of 81 chapters, we may first understand dao as a metaphysical concept. In metaphysical terms, dao could mean the origination and principles attached to beginnings of life, material things, and reality. However, dao also covers meta-ethical ideas, which water down to concepts such as wuwei and ziran. In this post, we’ll be exploring these ideas specifically. And to better illuminate them, we shall consider a counter-argument from Confucian thought and see how Laozi might’ve defended his position.

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