Remedied (science) writing – 1

This will be one of the many posts to come where I showcase a bunch of poorly written, sometimes unintelligible sentences found in my lecture notes and edit them to become better versions of themselves.

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Why scientists need to engage the public with good science communication

Last Wednesday, I attended a science communications masterclass held at the one-north Festival. The talk was given by Professor Juliana Chan, an assistant professor at Nanyang Technological University by day, and editor-in-chief of Asian Scientist Magazine by night.

In her talk, she focused on the importance of communicating science to a general audience, shared several practical science writing tips, and introduced various business models and career opportunities available in the science communications industry. So, as science journalist infant I asked myself: what is science communication all about and why is it that the public should be well-informed about science?

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Book review: Allen Buchanan’s Beyond Humanity?

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Wings, a possible biomedical enhancement? Adam didn’t ask for it.

This is a book review that I’ve written for one of my assignments for a class in the philosophy of technology when I was a freshman. It was the first time I ever needed to read a piece of philosophical work in detail to give it a fair critique. Though some parts of the reading were hard to understand for me because I had to read several chapters three or four times, writing this has been fun and I learned a lot from Buchanan’s arguments and his perspectives towards the traditional enhancement debate.

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Prepare before practical classes; run clean experiments!

Good preparation before practical classes can help you prevent making frustrating mistakes such as setting up an experiment incorrectly for a long time or not recording all the data needed. Otherwise, you might have to start your experiment all over again. What does good preparation require of you? Continue reading “Prepare before practical classes; run clean experiments!”